My Superwoman Is My Mama


Hai, good morning ! It's already 4.58 am in Brisbane, Australia. I can't sleep after I did some revision for my mid-sem exam this Saturday. I enjoyed living here because I have a lot of new friends but wherever we are, we can't forget about our parents, right?

So, this is my mama. Her name is Zainab Binti Ibrahim. She is 53 years old this year but she looked younger than her age :) I am lucky to have her in my life. Honestly, I am the luckiest person in this world. Thanks Mama for everything you had done for me. You carried me for 9 months and now I'm already 22 years old. 

She is the most positive person I ever know. She is the strongest and when I mean "strongest" , she is better than Hercules. HAHAHAHA :P She never give up in doing anything she wants. If there are so many obstacles in her life, she always stay positive and she said to me "Allah yang menentukan segalanya. Jika Allah berkata "Kun Fa Ya Kun", maka tiada siapa di dunia ini dapat menghalangNya".

I am strong because of her, my supporter since I born to this world. How could I pay back everything she had done for me? What can I do to make her always be happy? How can I make her life easier? How can I stop her from doing things and let me do anything? 

Sometimes, I get confused where she got that energy to do everything? Why she is stronger and better than me? I quickly get tired when doing things. But, she never knew the word "TIRED". She always has creative ideas to expand her business. She always said to me "Aim highest , so that if you can't get highest, you still in the high point. Never aim lowest, because after that we called it a FAILURE.."

That's why I always dream high. When people said "You can't do it" , "It is impossible to get Petronas scholarship" , "You will never pass it" & etc. But, my mama always said vice-versa. She always said to me "Nothing is impossible, trust to Allah, pray for Him, He is the one who decided everything for you, not other humans."

And YES, here I am today. I study at the 55th rank university in the world. Thanks to my mom for never giving up on me. Always give me "HOPES" to stay strong and face my obstacles of life. I know, there is no one can replaced her. She is the only one and the most special one in my life.

When I was crying because life is getting tougher, she always said to me "I know you can go through this, your success is already in front of you, you just need to walk in the right path. I know you can do it because you are my daughter".

Thanks Mama for believing in me when no one believe it. Thanks for always be beside me even though you are far away from me, I always feel like you are here beside me and support me. I hope Allah gives you strength and ease everything in your life, Mama. I might be the most stubborn daughter that you have for this 22 years, but I promise that I will make you proud of me.

When my late brother passed away, I feel like I must replaced him, which mean to be my mom's son. That's why I really stubborn and boy-ish. Because I thought that I must be strong for you, mom. You can't have a weak daughter, so I must always be strong for you. I'm sorry, Mama for causing a lot of problems all this year :P

You are the best among the best. May Allah gives good health for you, so that you will stay healthy :) I might rarely say this to you, but I really love you, Mama <3 <3 and I miss you so much. Now I know how is the feeling when stay far away from our family. Take a good care of yourself, Puan Zainab a.k.a Ratu Lebah :) 

Lot of Loves,
your cute daughter,

Anis Zahirah.